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Oppression: American Taliban
Posted by kallahar on Apr.11.02 at 12:23 pm PDT.

kallahar writes So, there's another Taliban with American citizenship. We capture him at the same time we got the first one, but in this case we didn't find out till recently. The military has been saying that the US Judicial System doesn't have jurisdiction in Cuba because none of the prisoners are American Citizens. Thus, the second they found out he was a citizen they put him on a plane back to the states. Did they send him to a federal prison to await trial like they would for a normal citizen accused of a crime? No. They sent him to a military prison where the Justice Department cannot tread. Why? Because they know that they're illegally holding all those people and if it ever goes to court they'll have to let them all go.

The military does not have the right to decide these people's fates. We need to charge them in international court and stop letting our military run amuck in the world.

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