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Miscelaneous: Top 10 Idiots
Posted by kallahar on Sep.13.02 at 10:08 am PDT.

kallahar writes Funny list on the Top 10 Conservative Idiots in America. #1: "It turns out that our good friends Enron, WorldCom, and many other corporate evildoers are going to be having a good laugh at your expense soon. Why? Because if crooked corporations receive large fines for their disgraceful behavior, they will simply write it off on next year's tax return. That's right. The companies start to sink, Bush gives them your money in the form of a "stimulus package." It is revealed that they were committing fraud and they go bankrupt, you get laid off. They get hit up with a hefty fine, you pay for it. Welcome to Bush's "responsibility era" in action, folks - Bush's cronies rip off the country, and you're responsible."

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