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Hidden Links Here are some of the pages on this site that aren't really linked from anywhere yet.

These are all programs & sites I use frequently. More will be added as I find more useful ones.


Excite TV TV Listings, I keep this page open all day :)
EditPlus Get EditPlus for editing anything with text in it (especially HTML). It doesn't do formatting like Word but if you want to edit config files, program HTML, stuff like that, use this ALWAYS!

Websites I Check Daily

SlashDot The staple site for techie news.
APOTD Astronomy Pic of the Day. Truely amazing, everyone in the world should check this daily. (of course if everyone did that it would crash their already-overloaded servers)
Dilbert Dilbert - hard to hate
User Friendly Cool comic strip written by a techie, for a techie.

Websites for Reference

Planetary Photojournal Nasa's picture archive of our solar system. Thousands of pictures in an EXCELLENT presentation.
HTML Jalfrezi This site is the best place to find answers to questions about HTML.
CoolArchive Great site to check for pictures and backgrounds and such.
WebMonkey Information on the latest trends in website design such as PHP, Linux, Java, etc etc etc.

Websites for Other Stuff

Kimble. Wow, this guy can do flash!
Tippmann Ordnance Paintball is great. You run around for several hours and get to express your violent tendencies without actually hurting anyone. And you learn a lot about strategy and teamwork at the same time!
Smart Questions "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way", also a great guide on how to interact with technical people.

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