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War: Schneier's take on Security
Posted by kallahar on Jun.19.02 at 12:06 pm PDT.

kallahar writes Bruce Schneier's June 15, 2002 Crypto-Gram has an excellent take on the current "security" measures being put into practice. "We all know how to connect the dots. They're right there on the page, and they're all numbered. All you have to do is move your crayon from one dot to another, and when you're done you've drawn a lion. The problem is that the dots can only be numbered after the fact. With the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to draw lines from people in flight school here, to secret meetings in foreign countries there, over to interesting tips from foreign governments, and then to INS records. Before 9/11 it's not so easy. Rather than thinking of intelligence as a simple connect-the-dots picture, think of it as a million unnumbered pictures superimposed on top of each other. Or a random-dot stereogram. Is it a lion, a tree, a cast iron stove, or just an unintelligible mess of dots? You try and figure it out."

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Aug.20.01 by kallahar

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