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Miscelaneous: Is America Dying?
Posted by kallahar on Dec.20.01 at 08:17 am PST.

kallahar writes Today I heard on NPR that Bush is going to throw money at the Steel industry to try to "save" it. First off, steel has been in decline for over a decade, a little money now thrown around won't help anything. Second, in a market economy such as capitalism, there will always be a supplier for everything we need unless the government gets in the way. The price may be higher, but if it's too high then a competitor will step in and force prices down. Japan has been "bailing out" their airlines for over a decade, with no "recovery" in sight.

While the Bush administration is making laws prohibiting Congress from investigating the actions of the FBI, the EU (European Union, most of the countries in Europe) is going all out with it's move to the Euro which should strengthen their currency market, reduce corruption, and make the Euro a competitor to the US Dollar in the world market. The EU is also so strongly against murdering people that they are refusing to extradite terrorists to America, fearing their execution -- a stance few other countries would take.

So, is America Dying? Will we ever return to our core values of freedom, democracy, and capitalism? Or will we continue down the path towards a totalitarian government ruled by the decendants of George Bush Sr.? Is it time to move to Europe? Is there anywhere left that truely embraces freedom?

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Aug.20.01 by kallahar

"The web has the potential allow the people unprecidented access to their elected leaders. email's can be sent to politicians, companies, local leaders, anyone at all and at any time of day." - Protesting in a Cyberdemocracy