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Crime: San Diego declares red-light cameras illegal
Posted by kallahar on Sep.04.01 at 08:24 pm PDT.

kallahar writes From the Libertarian Party mailing list I heard that a SD judge ruled that the pictures from red-light cameras cannot be used as evidence (thus making them worthless). Since the companies profiting off these cameras shortened the yellow-light times to "catch" more "criminals" I am very glad to hear this.


(judge rules Scamera citations illegal..cannot be evidence)

ROGER so hyped when he hears the ruling this morning that he’s already planning a party. Likely Thursday at ROGER’S On Fifth. Judge Ron Styn rules to reaffirm his previous decision that the conspiracy between the city of San Diego and Lockheed Martin is illegal, thus any evidence produced by the illegal scheme cannot be submitted in court against innocent drivers/extortion victims.

IMMEDIATE RESULT is that the 290 (or is it 400) cases involved in this specific matter are dismissed. The secondary result is that we’ll want ALL OTHER extortion cases dismissed…even if folks paid up without a trial. We’re talking every single dime refunded to every single victim nabbed by a San Diego Scamera. Then we’re on to getting driving records returned to clean status..no points, marks..REMOVED. And then we want insurance companies to rebate any premium hikes associated with an illegal Scamera conviction. And if folks were forced to go to a traffic school…we want the city and/or Lockheed to rebate that fee as well. How all this is gonna happen will be fodder for discussion on ROGER’S radio show in the days to come.

ANOTHER RESULT OF JUDGES RULING today is that communities all over America will have to re-look at their in progress or proposed Scamera projects. We’re not legal but we guess that this ruling has no validity in a D.C. or Carolina court, but any judge worth salt has to consider San Diego as the cesspool of this criminal conspiracy and measure cases against our now proclaimed and validated miscarriage of justice.

ROGER VOWED in May of 2000 that he’d shut down the Scameras in San Diego. Not only has that happened, but we’re well on our way to ensuring that they never return as entrapment, revenue scheming, extortion, entrapment gadgets.

THIS VICTORY IS SWEET…listen up on the radio today as ROGER thanks those who made it happen…but know beforehand that he is likely to give supreme credit to all those thousands of men and women who said “hell No,” and took their cases to court. Took time from work, were abused too often by the court system, demanded justice and many who paid more than the price of the Scamera ticket to fight against the City/Lockheed conspiracy. This morning’s verdict belongs not only to ROGER’S Red Light Lawyers, but also to the 290 (or is it 400) victims who stood up, demonstrated backbone and raised their swords against the windmill. We hope they’ll join us on Thursday to rejoice!!

AND BEAR IN MIND that this battle resumes on several fronts…Our class action lawsuit a work in progress. The newly filed federal RICO suit of last Thursday is just aborning. We’ll need to keep at least one good eye on that “Independent” city audit of the entire Scamera fiasco. Steve Peace legislation in Sacramento will need our support (and beefing up…Dems are watering down Senator Peace’s bill and it may not make it to full floor votes this session)…Oh, and note please from yesterdays post on ROGER’S News, that the city of Oxnard, (home to the bogus and too much quoted Red Light Scameras are for safety insurance study) is now re-thinking its Scamera program, based on the illegal criminal conspiracy perpetrated in San Diego. That should stop Chief David and others from spouting Oxnard Report nonsense. (wonder if we can use David’s handcuffs on him? Do Chiefs have handcuffs?..humm)

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