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Miscelaneous: Another Dust Bowl?
Posted by kallahar on Jan.09.02 at 11:33 am PST.

kallahar writes Alpine-Enterprise ran an article about the coming plight of american farmers.

"In one year’s time, 850,000,000 tons of topsoil blew away in the Southern plains alone. When rain finally came, eight years had passed, and 75% of the nation had suffered from drought. Millions of acres of farmland became useless, and thousands had to leave their homes.

Seventy years later, drought descended upon the Klamath Basin – killing crops and baking precious topsoil. As the lack of water persisted, dust storms ferociously altered the parched land. Crops could not survive, and the once proud farming community of Klamath began to struggle.

This could be the future of our nation, if we aren't carefull about how we interact with nature...

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