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Racism: Jesse Jackson makes reparations a priority
Posted by kallahar on Sep.05.01 at 07:57 pm PDT.

kallahar writes Yahoo is reporting in this story that Jesse Jackson will make slavery reparations a priority when he returns to the US.

I pose many questions about this. Cleck on Read More to see them.

1) If the US pays reparations for slavery and decades of racism, does that mean that the government is absolved of all future problems that arise from racism?

2) Some black people have complained that the welfare laws have kept their people down, but isn't paying people through reparations just another form of welfare?

3) How do they know that only black people suffered from slavery? What about the hundreds of thousands of people that died to end slavery in America, do their lives count for nothing?

4) What about all the racism, slavery, and abuse that is still going on in the world today? Wouldn't the money these people want for reparations be better spent helping them?

5) Didn't a lot of blacks profit from the slave trade on the African side? What about the English, Spanish, Dutch, and Portugese companies that ferried all those slaves across the Atlantic?

6) Is there anyone who honestly thinks that a check is going to solve anything? Let's be realistic.

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