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Free Speech: Olympic Oppression
Posted by kallahar on Jan.22.02 at 08:06 am PST.

kallahar writes SlashDot is running a discussion about how the IOC (international olympic committee) has been forcing anything about the olympics off the web. "The biggest accessibility mogul in my mind, though it really doesn't have to do with the usability of the site per se, is the restrictive conditions put on independent Web media reporting on the games. I believe the IOC did not give credentials to most Web media and have been very active in shutting down and censoring both pro-athlete fan sites and anti-IOC sites. (In fact, wasn't there an athlete who was enjoined from posting even an Olympic diary, Weblog style, for fear of IOC reprisals? Someone refresh me on the details if this rings a bell.)

"Anyway, expect the only thing on the Web related to Olympic results of stories is the officially santioned site and NBC and the big media outlets who paid out their butts to cover the games. Everyone else is shut out."

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Aug.20.01 by kallahar

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