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7000 La Palma #D205
Buena Park, CA 90620

HTML - 5 years SQL - 3 years Windows - Advanced User & Admin
DHTML - 1 years PHP - 2 years Unix - Intermediate User & Admin
CSS - 3 years Perl - 1 year Photoshop - Advanced for Image Editing
ASP - 2 years VB - 1 year Fireworks - Intermediate
JavaScript - 3 years    

Web Developer
Sept.2001 - Current Amada America, Inc. Buena Park, CA
  • Designed and developed the entire Intranet for the company. Features included:
    • A full JScript/MSSQL based security system, including per-user permissions for everything from news items to user management.
    • A JScript/MSSQL searchable employee directory, with text-messaging to cell phone support.
    • A daily news section that managers could easily edit through their web browsers.
    • A file retrieval system that allowed employees to create and set permissions on their own folders, to upload files, and to determine exactly what people or departments could see or modify those files. As of May 2002 there were 2,800 files at 2.6 GB.
    • An IT Trouble Ticket system. Employees would fill out trouble tickets for computer problems, IT management could then assign that trouble ticket to an IT employee, who would then take care of the issue and close the ticket. All parties were kept informed of the status of the tickets through email.
  • Designed and developed the website. Notable features included:
    • A hot news section which could be updated by managers.
    • A daily rotating picture.
    • A product selector that allowed the customer to sort the various machine models my different stats.
Web Developer
Jan.2001 - Present The SimpleFiles Network (self employed) Buena Park, CA
  • - I designed and developed a fully automated pay picture distribution service, utilizing PHP, MySQL, and PayPal.
  • - I designed and developed a fully automated banner advertising system, utilizing PHP, MySQL, and PayPal.
  • - A political news and discussion site I created and keep updated. Built with PHP and MySQL.
Web Developer
Sept.2000 - June.2001 JAHL Data Systems, Inc. Klamath Falls, OR
  • Designed and developed a calendar for upcoming classes using ASP, SQL, JavaScript, and VBScript. The ASP pages are generated dynamically with data from the SQL database. An administration section was also created for maintenance of the class times. JavaScript, DHTML, and CSS were used to make the site look good and be easy to use.
  • Developed a user security system for an existing web site using ASP and SQL. Separate permissions fields in the database were used to determine what the users were allowed to do. The permissions were stored in session variables, which stayed with the user throughout the session.
  • Developed a truck dispatch program using ASP, JavaScript, and Visual DataFlex. Data was stored in the VDF database. The pages were created dynamically through ASP using the VDF objects to access the data. The program tied together information for the truck, the trailer, the driver, the load, the source and destination, as well as the permit information needed for each trip. My job was to convert the existing, offline system to a web-based application.
  • Designed and developed an online store. The products, prices, and orders are stored in an SQL database. The ASP pages are generated dynamically with data from the SQL database. The administration site uses JavaScript and DHTML to allow the user to preview how the product will look before committing the changes.
Web Developer
June.2000 - Sept.2000 Rare Medium, Inc. Irvine, CA
  • Developed the Starbright World internal website.
    • Visual Basic was used to create the client-side application. The program ran on dedicated computers and in full screen so the computer could not be used for other purposes. I was responsible for allowing the AOL Instant Messenger COM Objects to be controlled from the web pages that the user was viewing.
    • VBScript and JavaScript were used on the server to display the information for the site. Primary sections were Buddy Lists, Chat rooms, message boards, user lists, and games. All of this information came from COM objects on the server, which in turn queried the SQL database. I did not write the COM objects.
    • To display the site correctly, DHTML was used for fades and special effects and CSS was used for formatting.
    • I used flash to create small animations of twinkling stars.
    • Photoshop was used to slice, touch-up, and compress the graphics that came from the artists.
Web Developer, Technician
1990-1998 Bear Creek Lock, Safe & Alarm, Inc. Ashland, OR
  • Developed company web site & online store using HTML, Perl, and mySQL. The store lists over 300 products with pictures, prices, and descriptions. The products are broken up into categories, which the user can then view.
  • Developed the company softball tournament web site using HTML.
  • Installed and maintained company computers running Windows 95/98

Oregon Institute of Technology
1996 - 2001   Klamath Falls, OR
  • Graduated in June of 2001 with a GPA of 3.26
    • B.S., Computer Systems Engineering Technology.
    • A.S., Computer Software Engineering Technology.

Example Sites (self serve pay-pictures site) (self serve banner advertising site) (political news & discussion site) (my personal site)
(a perl project of mine) (local company site) (softball tournament site)

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