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Free Speech: Combating Federal Tyranny
Posted by kallahar on May.01.02 at 09:10 am PDT.

rebmaster writes

World Net Daily has an articly on combatting federal tyranny.

Suppose Congress enacted the Federal Clean Thoughts Act (FCTA) and President Bush signed it. Under its provisions, before books and newspaper reports could be published and before television and radio programs could be broadcasted, prior approval of their "fitness" would have to be obtained from the Federal Clean Thoughts Commission. Several parties bring a lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court charging FCTA is a violation of the First Amendment. However, the court finds that under the Constitution's "general welfare clause," the law is constitutional.

What do Americans do? Do we accept the tyranny or pick up the sword, or do we think about state secession again? While it may seem far fetched, this is effectively what the RIAA is agressively trying to do, with them being the controllers. How much is too much?

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Aug.20.01 by kallahar

"One of our greatest freedoms is the freedom from fear." - The Seige